Kevin Spacey's Feud With Rob Ford Is Getting Very Real

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The ongoing battle between Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and House of Cards star Kevin Spacey is a gift that keeps on giving. The trouble began―as most things do―on a post-Oscars telecast of "Jimmy Kimmel Live." In the lead up to the show, Ford and Spacey were reportedly forced to share a dressing room. Quelle horreur!

According to Ford and his brother Doug, who serves as a Toronto city councillor, the brothers were told that they were not allowed to talk to or take pictures with Spacey. Ford made his cameo on the show and went on his way. However, when Spacey came out, he aimed his first few jokes at Ford.

"That's the first time I've had to follow a Ford. And one that was so banged up."

He then joked that Ford had thrown up all over the dressing room.

Yesterday, the Fords took to the interwaves on their YouTube performance art show Ford Nation to adore Kimmel and to blast Spacey. First, Doug Ford praised his Spacey's acting before calling him "an arrogant SOB" and labeling him a phony. To that sick burn, he added: "Kevin, why don't you get off your high horse and be real and take pictures with people?"

Rob Ford was less ambiguous: "I wouldn't know him if I ran him over."

This morning, Spacey responded via Twitter, using photoshop and a picture of himself from the infamous Ellen Oscars selfie:

Let's hope Spacey knows what he's getting himself into.

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