It's That Time of Year: Jon Hamm Ramps Up His Media Appearances

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We're about a month away from the start of a new season of Mad Men, which means Jon Hamm is out and about doing surprise cameos and other such media appearances. Case in point: his bit last night with Jimmy Fallon in which they adorably photobombed unsuspecting people on the Top of the Rock.  

Fallon and Hamm conspired to execute a number of creative photobombs. They chest-bumped,  popped out of secret hiding places, and ate a hoagie Lady and the Tramp style. It's old news by now, but it's never not a joy to see Hamm shed Don Draper's brooding persona for something wholly goofy. 

The Fallon video comes just after Hamm made a weirdly random appearance on Saturday Night Live as a version of himself that shows up on a web show hosted by a two overly excited teenage girls played by Nasim Pedrad and host Lena Dunham. What are you even doing, Jon Hamm? You're being crazy.

Now we just need an SNL hosting gig from Hamm himself.  Oh, and the new season of Mad Men, pronto. 

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