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Johnny Weir has cast his now-legendary shade over the Oscar proceedings, and it even managed to hit everyone's favorite Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o. Now, it wasn't that Weir hated Lupita's outfit—he did say she was "incredible"—but he had some feelings about her headband. "We're not in gym class," he said. "We're at the Oscars." 

On the Today show this morning, Weir and Tara Lipinski were asked to give their assessment of the fashion on display last night. After the Olympics, NBC realized that everyone loved Tara and Johnny, and the Oscars seemed the best, quickest way to get them back on TV. Why weren't they gabbing about the Oscars live? Well, because the Oscars belong to ABC, and they belong to NBC. 

Aside from Weir's headband feelings, Weir and Lipinski were generally pretty positive, save for when it came to Jada Pinkett Smith and Emma Watson. They both agreed that Pinkett's pink dress was "too much," but Weir saved the true shade for Hermione. "I felt like she dressed up to go to school or to clap erasers or do something that was anything but the Oscars," Weir said of Watson. It's a good line, but we're not really sure what it means.  

Now, mind you, Tara and Johnny looked like they were going to a wedding. Their theme, according to Tara's Instagram account, was "angel." 

Thus has begun the era of post-Olympics Tara and Johnny. Only time will tell whether we'll love them just as much when they aren't actually talking about figure skating. For now, we're just hoping that NBCUniversal stages some sort of cage match  and/or collaboration between them and the Fashion Police crew.

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