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It felt like -6 degrees outside when Jimmy Fallon kept his promise to take the Polar Plunge into Lake Michigan this morning. Despite the good cheer, large turnout, and accompanying bagpipes, when Fallon walked out of the water in a suit and tie, he looked traumatized.

Why would anyone, much less the new host of "The Tonight Show," risk brain damage and hypothermia? To raise money for the Special Olympics and, apparently, to get Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on his show.

"Fallon joked on his show Wednesday that he agreed to make the plunge before realizing what the plunge actually entailed. He called it a "nightmare" but said he was a "man of my words." He said Emanuel told him he had to "toughen up" before Emanuel would appear on his show." 

Well, Fallon proved his mettle, but his post-plunge body language was the subject of some conjecture. 

Rahm, for his part, took the plunge too. But he rocked a wetsuit. 

This better be a dynamite interview.

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