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Jared Leto is on top of the world right now. He swept his way through awards season, culminating in an Oscar win for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. He's besties with June Squibb. What more could the guy want? A 25-city tour with Linkin Park, apparently. 

Because, you see, Leto is a modern Renaissance Man. Not only is he an Academy Award-winning actor, but he's also the frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars, the alt-rock band he plays in with his brother. Here's a video of Leto combining his two talents:

So now that he's effectively conquered Hollywood, why wouldn't Leto want to travel the country with one of America's premiere nu-metal bands? He described the upcoming tour as "the adventure of a lifetime." Well obviously, Leto has very particular tastes. Forget Oscar campaigning with costar Matthew McConaughey or joking around with fellow winner Lupita Nyong'o – for Leto, it simply doesn't get better than sharing a stage with the band who gave us this:

Really though, how awesome is it that a 30 Seconds to Mars/Linkin Park/AFI cross-country tour is now featuring an Academy Award winner? Jared Leto, thank you for giving this to us. 

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