A Guide to the Most Obscure 'Muppets Most Wanted' Cameos

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Muppets Most Wanted, the sequel to the 2011 Muppets-reboot, is predictably filled with celebrity cameos. That's standard fare for the Muppets. However, some of them might have you going, "I know that guy, but what's his name?" 

That's not to say there aren't instantly recognizable cameos in the movie. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett show up in the opening number. Christoph Waltz performs a waltz with Sweetums. Celine Dion sings with Miss Piggy. If you ever wanted to see Danny Trejo, Jemaine Clement, and Ray Liotta perform the opening number from A Chorus Line, this is the movie for you. (Of note: Liotta was in 1999's Muppets from Space.) 

But there are also a number of cameos we almost hesitate to call cameos since they are made by recognizable actors who are not necessarily household names. Most of the actors in question are British, likely a result of the fact that the movie was filmed in England and directed by Englishman James Bobin. For reference, here are the people you are going to want to be able to name in order to impress your friends on the way out of the theater. 

Miranda Richardson 

Cameo role: A woman who yells out of a window. She came and went so quickly that I almost thought she was Bernadette Peters. 

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What you know her from: Richardson is a wonderful actress, who you might know from Empire of the SunEnchanted April, or The Crying Game. If nothing else, you know her from the Harry Potter movies. She played Rita Skeeter. 

Toby Jones 

Cameo: A surprised guard at the Museo del Prado. 

What you know him from: Well, he was Truman Capote in that other Capote movie, but you probably recognize him as Claudius Templesmith in The Hunger Games. He also did the voice of Dobby in Harry Potter

Mackenzie Crook

Cameo: Another surprised guard at the Prado. 

What you know him from: Most likely you remember him from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, or from the past season of Game of Thrones as Orell. You probably don't  recall that he's in the Fox series Almost Human because you almost certainly forgot to watch that. 

Tom Hollander

Cameo: According to IMDb Hollander plays "theater manager," though he's really just second fiddle to a cameo from Hugh Bonneville (a.k.a. Lord Grantham) as a journalist being bribed to give the Muppets a good review in Dublin.

What you know him from: He was also in some of the Pirates movies, and Jane Austen fans know he played Mr. Collins in the most recent Pride & Prejudice adaptation. The short he was in called The Voorman Problem, was nominated for a 2013 Oscar. 

Russell Tovey

Cameo: A deliveryman. 

What you know him from: Tovey got a lot of press recently for his role on HBO's Looking, but he's been on a bunch of series in Britain. 

Ross Lynch

Cameo: A flower delivery guy who hands an arrangement to Kermit, who is trying to crash Miss Piggy's wedding to the wrong frog at the Tower of London. 

What you know him from: Honestly, you probably don't know him, but watching the movie we assumed he must have been a cameo by the way the camera lingered on him and the fact that he showed up in the closing number. He is the outlier on this list, because rather than being a British character actor he is in fact a Disney channel star. He is Austin on the series Austin & Ally and was in Teen Beach Movie.

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