'The Good Wife' Winners and Losers: We're All Losers

There were no winners on last night's episode ofThe Good Wife. SPOILERS abound, seriously.

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There were no winners on last night's episode of The Good Wife. The fictional world of Chicago is a worse place today, because the defining will they/won't they of Sunday night television will not, not ever again. This spoiler will ruin your day: Will Gardner was shot and killed in a bizarre courtroom shooting.

Alicia gets the call. (CBS)

Remember Jeffrey Grant (Hunter Parrish), the college student who probably killed one of his classmates? The episode starts off with Will representing him in court, and things don't look good. During the last 15 minutes of the episode Jeffrey goes off the deep end and grabs a gun from an inattentive security guard's holster. That's pretty implausible. He see Will talking and laughing with the prosecutor and the judge, and he goes on a shooting spree, to the point that he doesn't have any bullets to kill himself. Will dies in the hospital with Kalinda and Diane Lockhart waiting outside, and the episode ends with Alicia about to find out what happened. 

The fact that Will is dead is almost overshadowed by the way he died. Jeffrey's spiral into a murderous and suicidal rage seemed forced. But the producers were going for unexpected tragedy.

This is all Josh Charles's fault. Like Downton Abbey and so many other shows, the one romance anyone cares about was cut short by an actor's desire to do something else. The producers of the show, Robert and Michelle King, anticipated fan rage/sadness/despair and wrote a letter explaining Will's exit: "The brutal honesty and reality of death speaks to the truth and tragedy of bad timing for these two characters. Will’s death propels Alicia into her newest incarnation." There are seven more episodes, and Michael J. Fox will be there for four of them, a small peace offering. In a preview for the rest of season five, Fox's Louis Canning seems to be taking over for Will as David Lee schemes for Will seat and Peter Florrick is unsympathetic to Alicia's mourning.

Even though it feels like there's no point, here are last night's losers.

Loser: Jeffrey Grant

Winner: No one, because Will is dead.

Not only are we more convinced that he killed that girl, he's definitely guilty of murdering one of our favorite characters. Also, it seemed like his shooting spree was fueled by anger at Will for not getting him off, but also a desire to kill himself. There was something pathetic about watching him try to kill himself with an empty gun.

Loser: Lockhart Gardner Canning?

Winner: No one, because Will is dead.

Diane is devastated, Kalinda is devastated and now we have to watch David Lee and the other partners fight over Will seat. Also, is Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) really "the new Will," as the season five preview suggests?

Loser: Nelson Dubek

Winner: No one, because Will is dead.

Will is definitely not going to break attorney client privilege, which puts a wrench in Dubek's case against the governor.

Loser: Peter Florrick

Winner: No one, because Will is dead.

On the one hand, Will being unable to testify is one less legal threat to Peter. But now the man his wife is in love with is dead. Peter, unsurprisingly, is about to be an asshole about it. "If you think your life would have been better with Will you are kidding yourself," he says to a red-eyed Alicia in the preview. That's not something you say to someone mourning the love of her life.

Loser: Alicia Florrick

Winner: No one, because Will is dead.

The thing is, Alicia will always wonder if her life would have been better with Will. She'd definitely be better off without Peter.

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