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Best Animated Feature winner Frozen is great–that's undeniable—but the Best Song-winning team knows they have to fix one problem for the inevitable musical.

Last night in the press room following their win, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez were asked about the fact that Jonathan Groff—the Broadway (and Looking) star who voices the character Kristoff—only has one, very brief song, "Reindeer(s) are Better Than People."

"Well, we hope to rectify that for Frozen, the musical," Robert said. "If we—if we do get a chance to write that, and we hope to with Disney, we'll give Kristoff a proper song." We can only hope that the Lopezes—who accepted their prize yesterday with an adorable, rhyming speech—do get the chance to work on the stage show. They after all, have the Broadway pedigree that made Frozen such a success. 

Now, of course, when/if a Frozen musical does make it to the stage, there's a big chance Groff won't be in the cast. Still, perhaps he'll get to workshop the song the Lopezes write for Kristoff. It would only be fair. 

P.S. Jonathan, we're still waiting for our "Let it Go" cover.

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