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Love The Daily Show? Already miss John Oliver since he left at the end of last year? A little sick of having to check in with Jon Stewart, and maybe Stephen Colbert, four nights a week, week in, week out? Well, does HBO have the show for you! In the first promo for the upcoming late-night Sunday talk show Last Week Tonight, the comedian gently pokes fun at his relaxed schedule while the HBO announcer promises just the opposite.

Oliver’s probably on the right track here. With late night getting so crowded, who has the time to watch so much Stewart and Colbert? Instead, you can kick back on Sunday night after taking in Game of Thrones and have Oliver snark on the most important moments in news over the last week. Since Stewart and Colbert (who film in the afternoon) are always a day behind the news anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what Oliver can do with an expanded format (he gets an hour) and a little more time to research and react.

Last Week Tonight launches on April 27. Tim Carvell, who was The Daily Show’s head writer for many years, is spearheading this new effort.  

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