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Over the weekend, Disney's Frozen edged out Toy Story 3 for the title of highest grossing animated film of all time at the box office. 

The fun-loving flick earned an estimated $398.4 million domestically and raked in an additional $674 million internationally, making a grand total of $1.072 billion worldwide.

It is also Disney's first billion dollar movie. We've labeled it a new Disney classic. 

By box office tallies, millions of children and their grudging parents have seen the flick, but by osmosis, it feels as if everyone has. The soundtrack, which we broke down earlier this year, continues to pipe through the once impenetrable walls with the anthemic whisper "Let It Go." And somewhere at a Latvian black site, a loop of Josh Gad's laughter is probably being used as a rendition tactic. The movie has even inspired a cult-like following involving public singalongs.

As the mainstream goes, it certainly doesn't hurt that Frozen-related stories were among the most talked about moments at this year's Academy Awards. From John Travolta's famous flubbing of singer Idina Menzel's name to husband-wife team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez's cloying/rhyming speech after they won Best Song for "Let It Go," the non-Disney demographic knows more about this movie than they did about Her

While there doesn't seem to be a sequel on the books yet, Frozen already has designs for Broadway. Look out world!

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