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Welcome to Box Office Report where we're looking fabulous on the strict Shailene Woodley diet. You should really try a clay-and-lay Sunday afternoon. 

1. Divergent (Lionsgate): $56 million in 3,936 theaters

New YA properties have not boomed at the box office recently. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Warm Bodies and Beautiful Creatures all bust at the box office, leading to something of a "YA curse." The Twilights and Hunger Games of the world were still making mints with every new movie but duplicating their success proved difficult. Which is to say, Divergent and its $56 million first weekend take is perfectly respectable for a new franchise even if it isn't world beating like its contemporaries. A successful movie for young people starring beautiful young people is a more modest and rare being in the box office world than you expect. 

Just saying: we called it.

2. Muppets Most Wanted (Disney): $16.5 million in 3,194 theaters

Kermit went kersplat on the road this time. The sequel to the universally beloved 2011 movie could not duplicate that movie's strong opening, earning just $16.5 million. (The original made $29 million over 2011's Thanksgiving weekend.) The disappointing showing this time around is being blamed largely on a crowded family market. In other words, The Lego Movie ruined everything.

3. Mr. Peabody & Sherman (Fox): $11.7 million in 3,607 theaters

The protracted popularity of Peabody did not help matters much, either. Unfortunately for the Muppets, in terms of Old Things Rebooted for Kids, this movie seems resilient. Peobody maintained a healthy audience in its third week.

4. 300: Rise of An Empire (Warner Bros.): $8.7 million in 3,085 theaters

The lolly-gagging fans of bad movies were under served lately. They gotta see something, right? 

5. God's Not Dead (Freestyle): $8.5 million in 780 theaters

This movie that is not Noah or this month's other major religious release did more business than Need for Speed despite a distribution difference in the thousands. Sorry, bitch

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