Demi Lovato Puke-Shames Up and Coming Puke Artist Lady Gaga

Today in celebrity gossip: Demi Lovato does not approve of Lady Gaga's recent disgusting SXSW performance, Amanda Seyfried accidentally smuggled a knife onto a plane, and beloved beefcake icon Kellan Lutz turned 29.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Demi Lovato does not approve of Lady Gaga's recent disgusting SXSW performance, Amanda Seyfried accidentally smuggled a knife onto a plane, and beloved beefcake icon Kellan Lutz turned 29.

Sorry to do this to you. Despite your spending most of the weekend attempting to scrub from your brain the image of a woman in electrical tape pasties vomiting fluorescent green paint onto Lady Gaga during her SXSW performance drum solo, it pains me to inform you that we need to talk about it again. SORRY. While nothing has much changed about that earlier story (except for, uh, more information about Millie Brown, the "artist" who'd done the actual puking), another celebrity has thrown her opinion into the internet echo chamber and we are legally obligated to recognize this fact! Singer, recovering addict, and eating disorder survivor Demi Lovato took to Twitter to excoriate Lady Gaga for what she believed was a crass "glamorization" of bulimia:

Now, while this is a productive discussion worth having (so long as we can actually ignore how disgusting the root incident was), if Lady Gaga did indeed seek to glamorize bulimia, why would she make it look so revolting and horrible and embarrassing? Like, honestly, did ANYBODY look at that clip and come away thinking eating disorders look "cool" or "artsy"? That's like coming away from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master thinking that a female bodybuilder transforming into a cockroach is cool or artsy. Nope, personally, it had the opposite effect on me. If anything Lady Gaga's piece (haha "piece") could have very well made people more hesitant to tickle their gag reflexes. Also, Lovato seems to be taking up the mantle of eating disorder awareness crusader presumably due to her own personal struggles, but Lady Gaga herself has been open about her battle with bulimia. Is she not allowed to work through those experiences in her art and music? Look, who knows? Anyway, here's what Lady Gaga herself had to say about the bit during her keynote address at SXSW: "It was just exciting to see people talk about performance art on the internet." Haha fine. You did it, girl! Lady Gaga wanted people to talk about performance art on the internet, and that's what Demi Lovato is doing and it's what both fan bases are doing, so sure. Bingo. We did it. Congratulations, everybody. But now that we've spoken of this incident, let us never speak of it again. [E! Online]

Nobody needs explain to you who the Los Angeles-based skate rap collective Odd Future are nor who its charismatic frontman Tyler, The Creator is, because right before coming here you probably read Pitchfork scrollbar-to-scrollbar and you already know everything there is to know about low-selling yet critically lauded esoteric hip hop. This is a relief because man is it hard to explain who these people are sometimes. All you really need to know is that the kids love Tyler, The Creator, and they love him about as much as Texas police hate him! That's because he was just arrested shortly after his SXSW showcase on the grounds of inciting a riot from the stage. Gawker has video of the incident, but apparently Tyler, The Creator encouraged fans who'd been turned away at the full-capacity event to bum-rush the gates. Nobody seems to have been seriously injured, but the threat of inciting violence against the security personnel and putting spectators in danger is a misdemeanor in Austin. Now Tyler, The Creator could face "up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine." He was apparently arrested at the airport while attempting to catch a flight out of there and his bond was set at $3,500. Please, dear reader, please do not incite riots while performing with your avant garde rap collective at SXSW. It is not cool or artsy. Thank you in advance. [Page Six]

Amanda Seyfried: The world's most adorable accidental terrorist! While it is true that the TSA's unanimously loved, brilliant, convenient, and highly intuitive security screening protocols have made flying 100% safe and have eliminated all plane-related dangers, especially the danger of a plane outright disappearing forever all of the sudden for no reason, some things still slip through the cracks. In the case of Amanda Seyfried's carry-on bag, that thing that slipped through the cracks was A KNIFE:

Personally, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Amanda Seyfried is not a terrorist with designs on commandeering an airplane cockpit for nefarious purposes. YET. But if she is indeed going to star in Ted 2, that does make her slightly less trustworthy than we once thought. Maybe we should start keeping an eye on Amanda Seyfried? Guys, if you see something say something. [Us Weekly]

No living human being deserves to be called "human garbage." It's a cynical, reductive phrase that nihilistically elides that person's basic dignity while also discounting their remaining worth to society and quite frankly this phrase's rather cavalier usage in our modern lexicon says more about our lack of empathy than the characterization of the subject at hand. That being said, human garbage Chris Brown is back in the news today! According to Page Six, human garbage Chris Brown was arrested last Friday for violating his probation related to the time in 2009 he suddenly emerged from a chrysalis as full-blown human garbage by punching then-girlfriend Rihanna in the face over and over. This caps off about a year of human garbage Chris Brown running aground of his basic probationary requirements (specifically, skipping out on community service and also punching a fan last November) and means that this human garbage could very well be facing serious jail time in California soon. Human garbage Chris Brown's trial isn't scheduled until April, so that should give the legal system plenty of time to decide whether to send human garbage Chris Brown to a proper jail like other criminals or perhaps to a giant dumpster where he would spend the rest of his days just being himself. Human garbage. [Page Six]

We here at The Smart Set headquarters would like to wish a very, very happy 29th birthday to everybody's favorite humpy meat-grendel Kellan Lutz! What does one give the birthday hunk who has it all? In Lutz's case he gets not one but TWO major online publications insinuating that he prefers the company of men. E! Online took note of Lutz's ongoing Thailand-set birthday festivities (during which a girl in a white bikini riding a baby elephant delivered a birthday cake festooned with a cartoon shirtless hunk hiding behind a teepee) and declared that it "looked like a boy's trip" due to the sheer number of hunky male companions Lutz surrounded himself with. Meanwhile TMZ's writeup concludes with the very evocative, T.S. Eliot-esque line "This could be the coolest sausage party ever." Agreed! Happy birthday, Kellan Lutz! [TMZ, E! Online]

Also happy Purim! How did YOU celebrate Purim this past weekend? In addition to presumably attending a 24-hour Megillah dance party, you likely enjoyed a traditional three-cornered hamantash pastry and dressed up in a funky yet cool Purim costume. So what did you dress up as? A hammerhead shark? Pras from the Fugees? Johnny 5 from Short Circuit 2? Or did you perhaps dress up as Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen of the blood of Old Valyria with Valyrian as your mother tongue? If so, then you are most likely Madonna! Because that was her Purim costume. Please enjoy this image forever and ever:

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