'Dancing with the Stars': Candace Cameron's Christianity Comes Out of the Closet

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One of the story lines bubbling just below the surface of Dancing With the Stars with this season is whether or not we'll see Candace Cameron-Bure flash the polarizing brand of Christianity her brother adheres to. We got a taste of it last night. 

A week after a stompy, aggressive contemporary dance that netted her a 25 and second place, DJ Tanner was back for week two. While she had hinted in her segment last week that she wasn't going to be "sexy", Cameron's religion came off a bit more aggressively this time, as she talked about straddling the balance between her beliefs and Dancing With The Stars. The implicit point Cameron is making here is that Dancing is too sexy of a show, and it might encroach on her Christian beliefs. 

That led to this post-dance interview where Candace felt like she had to justify her sexiness ...

... but also had to let everyone know why she may be holding back. 

The producers of Dancing love this, because they love being thought of as "sexy." Erin Andrews must have repeated "sexy" four to five times, but you can't help but feel that Cameron might be giving Dancing too much credit. Dancing is not sexy. She need only look as far as fellow tribute Cody Simpson for proof:

And don't leave Billy Dee Williams out either:

And her partner, Mark Ballas, is a harmless, nice guy:

With her husband in mind, Cameron's dance fell a little flat. Ballas, bless his heart, compensated with slower choreography which, at some points, just looked like aggressive hugs: 

That was allegedly a Rumba. 

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According to the judges, the competition's Katniss Everdeen had mistakes. That's understandable if you aren't performing slow-moving choreography consisting of alarming hugs. This week, Davis and Maks tapped into Meryl's bag of tricks and performed an acrobatic swing:

Unlike Cameron and Ballas,  Meryl and Maks incorporated dance moves that actually looked like their chosen dance:

And ultimately swung their way to a first place tie on the night:

The Fallen

The cannons boomed not once but twice last night, signaling that two tributes had been defeated. When Meryl looked up into the sky of the arena, she noticed the pained and painted face of the older swimmer from District 4, Diana Nyad. She bit into the wing of her charred groosling, and waited for the other tribute to appear. 

She thought it would probably be Billy Dee. His first day was rough, and she had been reminded over and over that the man had two hip surgeries. There's no way he could last this long. Then, with a flicker, the face of Sean Avery, the monotone tribute from District 2 appeared in the sky. 

Meryl smiled. Not because she had any attachment or affection for Billy Dee and his wonky hips that would stick around at least one more week. But because she was two steps closer to victory. 

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