The Coolest Lines from the 'Game of Thrones' Rap Mixtape

Want to prove to your skeptical friends that Game of Thrones isn't just for neckbearded, fedora-wearing nerds? Raps from the Thrones-inspired Catch the Throne: The Mixtape, out today on Soundcloud, will definitely help.

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Want to prove once and for all to your skeptical friends that Game of Thrones isn't just for neckbearded, fedora-wearing nerds? Raps from the Thrones-inspired Catch the Throne: The Mixtape, out today on Soundcloud, will definitely help. As a fantasy world with dragons, knights, and magic, HBO's hit show has had a wide appeal to everyone, but it still has a lingering stigma of being similar to the Dungeons & Dragons-type lameness. Well, a listen to Catch the Thrones, featuring tracks from Big Boi, Common, and Wale, will put that nerdy reputation to rest. 

Each song on the album takes a line from the show as inspiration for a few catchy bars. It's clear from listening that some of the artists here have seen and nerded out on the popular show, while others are going off of broader themes and tone. Dominik Omega's lyrics are the most impressive, as he explains Arya's entire storyline, down to pretty specific detail, through season 2. But for the best single, go with Wale's "King Slayer," which heavily samples the epic Thrones intro music.

We listened through the album, and here are the best and coolest lines to spit for your crew.

"Mother of Dragons" — Big Boi:

Line: "Fuck the Lannisters and everybody ride with them. / Jon Snow and the Night's Watch finna slice some iron in 'em."

Explain: Ever at a loss of words for how much you hate Joffrey and Cersei? Big Boi explains it succinctly here. We do have to pick a bone with him, though: How would Jon Snow at the Wall ever get to the Lannisters to fight them?

"Win or Die" – Bodega Bamz:

Line: "You tryna pass that wall? / Night Watchers put bodies on the floor / Blood stains on the wall / Game of Thrones is all about war."

Explain: cc this message to Mance Rayder and the coming White Walkers.

"Arya's Prayer" — Dominik Omega

Line: "My word is my bond and my bond is my word / Valar dohaeris all men must serve / see as the raven flies and time slips by / Valar morghulis all men must die."

Explain: Dominik Omega drops the most thoroughly researched song with "Arya's Prayer," a masterful trip through poor Arya's travails. The only qualm is that the last line should have been a capella, followed by an explosion of air horns. That's the stuff of legends. But a translation of High Valyrian is all good.

"The Parallel" — Dee Goodz

Line: "Got the green sight, boy / you ain't seen nothing."

Explain: Bran and Jojen have been pretty lame so far, dreaming of the future and wandering north without a clear plan. But Dee Goodz gets it. You ain't seen nothing.

"The Ladder" – Common

Line: "In the Seven Kingdoms ain't nobody righteous / a massacre at the Red Wedding, the lifeless / laid on the ground / now who wears the crown?"

Explain: Common watches Thrones! That, or somebody just spoiled a huge turning point in the show and he just decided to rap about it to spoil everyone else, too.

"King Slayer" – Wale

Line: "And I'm like a Lannister, run my town, that's seven kingdoms / And they'll never stop us, their only option is try to be us."

Explain: Wale gets in the mind of Margaery Tyrell, basically.

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