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BBC America's been teasing the return of their beloved cult clone drama Orphan Black for a while now, and finally today the network released a full trailer, which raises all sorts of clone-related questions.

The trailer checks in with all of our favorite clones. Sarah is out for blood and searching for her missing daughter Kira; Alison is fighting off two men while declaring that she wants her life back; Cosima is still sick; Pro-clone Rachel is fraternizing with the villainous scientist Aldous Leekie. If all this makes no sense to you, know that this show is about clones, all played by the brilliant Tatiana Maslany, and you can now watch the first season on Amazon Prime

We're most intrigued by the finale shot in which a woman in a surgical mask—perhaps Cosima's girlfriend Delphine—pulls off a sheet to reveal a bald clone corpse. Who is it? We hope it's not Cosima. Please let it not be Cosima. 

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