A Brief History of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's Relationship

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You may have found yourself, like us, perusing Martha Stewart's AMA (short for Ask Me Anything) on Reddit this afternoon. You may have seen, like us, the frequent mentions of Snoop Dogg (his name is actually Snoop Lion now, but Martha seems to know him as Dogg). Redditors asked Martha where Snoop was. Martha said that she had brownies for Snoop. (We can guess why she would have brownies). Snoop, Snoop, Snoop. Well, Martha and Snoop go way back. So why not take a brief tour through the history of their relationship?

First, let's establish the relationship:


But really, who doesn't wish they were better friends with him? Snoop, who himself has done multiple AMAs on Reddit, seems like he would be a pretty chill friend to have. Anyone could say they wish they were closer friends with Snoop. Only when Martha says it, she means it. 

She updated her AMA partway through announcing that she had brownies for Snoop:


And she seemed committed to bringing Snoop into her own AMA for a simple chat among chums:  

That's dedication. (Reddit)

Unlikely pair as they are, the two actually have quite the history together. Martha has had Snoop on her show not once, but twice.

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Here they are in 2008 making mashed potatoes:

During which, Snoop taught Martha the definition of "fo' shizzle," "crack-a-lackin," "chuuuch," "all hood," and "ball til ya fall." You know, just a couple of good friends practicing vocabulary.

And then one year later he went on to make, yes, brownies:

Just look at the two of them, buddying it up. They actually have a great rapport with each other, don't you think? They banter like old friends.

So there you have it, Martha Stewart and Snoop, celeb power friends. 

But the chance to reminisce about Martha and Snoop's friendship wasn't the only great thing to come out of her AMA today. Let's run through the highlights.

She won't stand for soiled sheets:


She's a Pharrell fan:


Prison isn't something she tends dwells on: 


Here are her top tips for hosting: 


Oh, and she has tips for sex, too:


And there was this. 


So yeah, successful AMA. 

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