Everything 'Scandal' Has Used to Hide Kerry Washington's Baby Bump: a GIF Analysis

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Kerry Washington is eight months (almost nine) pregnant, and it shows. While it's not a problem in real life, her pregnancy could be a distraction on her show Scandal where she's one half of the steamiest couple on television. And the show has gone to great and sometimes comical lengths to hide it.  

Washington's baby bump isn't the first or last time a show has tried to mask or hide a pregnancy. There's a giant bag here, or a strategic pillow there, or a plethora shots from the chest up. Sex and the City, Parks and RecreationHomeland and How I Met Your Mother have all done it. 

But as it's done in so many areas, Scandal has turned hiding a baby bump into an over-the-top art. We looked at the episodes since Scandal came back from hiatus and catalogued some of the more clever, obvious, and comical ways they've tried to hide Washington's pregnancy.

"Ride, Sally, Ride" (Episode 3.11)

Cyrus's Knee/Arm

Giant Coat

Fitz's Arm

"We Do Not Touch the First Ladies" (Episode 3.12)

Mellie's Head/Cyrus's Arm

Mellie's Envelopes


More Chairs

"No Sun on the Horizon" (Episode 3.13)

Crap on a Desk

More Soft-Glow Crap on Olivia's Desk


"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' (Episode 3.14)

A Podium and a Notebook

A Zoom and a Purse

A Purse

Olivia's Purse and a Jarring Zoom

Human Hands

This Lady's Hair and Another Jarring Zoom

A Vase

Fitz's Knee

"Mama Said Knock You Out" (Episode 3.15)

A Video Camera (This One Is Pretty Masterful) 

And Last, But Certainly Not Least: Fitz's Baby, Teddy

There are only three episodes left until the end of the season. And that means there's only so many more new ways Kerry Washington's bump will/can be hidden. We will be tuning in. 

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