So What Makes the 'Fargo' TV Show 'Fargo'?

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What makes FX's impending Fargo TV show like the Fargo movie? According to a new teaser, the answer is snow. 

The short clip, via Entertainment Weekly, shows Billy Bob Thornton, who plays a character called Lorne Malvo exiting his car to scrape his windshield. Mostly it's all about atmosphere, but atmosphere is what seems to be the common thread between the movie and the show. The Coen brothers are executive producing, but the show has a new story, new characters, and new actors. There's no Marge Gunderson, but there is a Lester Nygaard (played by Sherlock's Martin Freeman), so the names are equally great.

Reporting from the Television Critics Association, Greg Braxton of the Los Angeles Times wrote that all the new elements will be "established in the trademark humor, dialect, murder and 'Minnesota nice' of the original film." Noah Hawley, who is writing all of the episodes, said: "It's a stoic culture where people don't talk about feelings. It's broken the way people communicate." 

So get ready for more snow, and more conversations like this one: 

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