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Tyler, the Creator and his rap group Odd Future were informed today that they will not be allowed into New Zealand for a concert because they are a "threat or risk to public order or the public interest."

In its letter to Odd Future informing them of the decision, Immigration cited "incidents at past performances in which they have incited violence." One incident was a 2011 autograph signing in Boston, when several members of the group were accused of inciting a riot in which a 13-year-old girl was arrested and a police officer suffered "minor injuries."

Border Operations Manager Karen Urwin told the AP: "It's not a decision we take lightly and not one that happens often."

True -- it's so rare that Odd Future was allowed to travel to and perform in the country earlier this month.

Urwin told 3News that bans are usually "aimed at organizations like white supremacists and neo-Nazis, people who have come in here to be public speakers, Holocaust deniers — those kinds of people." Also Mike Tyson.

Odd Future's visas were revoked just an hour before flight to the country, according to group manager Christian Clancy. They were supposed to open for Eminem, who was arrested when he was 20 for riding in a car with someone who shot a paintball at a police officer. He's also been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. His visa was not revoked. 


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