Super Bowl XLVIII Gets Off to a Derpy Start

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Super Bowl XLVIII is here! And I guess everyone got a little too excited, because we've already had some derpy moments.

First off, there was Joe Namath in his splendiferous mink coat to do the coin toss. Coin tosses aren't complicated, generally, but Broadway Joe went and tossed the coin before Seattle called heads or tails. So he had to do it again. (On the second attempt, Seattle called tails and won.)

Far worse (unless you're a Seattle fan) was Denver's mistake. On the first play of the

game, Peyton Manning and center Manny Ramirez had some kind of miscommunication, causing Ramirez to snap the ball when Manning wasn't ready. It flew over Manning's head and into the end zone, where Knowshon Moreno was able to recover it, giving Seattle the first score of the game with a rare safety just 12 seconds into the game. It's the fastest score in Super Bowl history. Oof.

Update, 7:57 p.m.: J.C. Penney's social media editor (or whoever hacked its Twitter account) is so excited about the game that he can't type straight:


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