Super Bowl XLVIII Is in the Bookzzz

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There have been some good Super Bowls over the last few years. This wasn't one of them. Just twelve seconds in, when the Seahawks scored a safety off of whatever happened between NFL MVP Peyton Manning and center Manny Ramirez, we had a pretty good idea how this was going to go: very bad for the Broncos. They lost, 43-8.

Denver's got a great offense (the best in the NFL, ever), but Seattle has the best defense — and Denver hasn't faced a great defense this season. And they clearly weren't ready to do so now. It took Seattle just a few seconds to score. It took the Broncos three quarters. For only the third time in Super Bowl history, a linebacker (Malcolm Smith) was the MVP.

It wasn't the biggest blowout in Super Bowl history (that dubious honor goes to the Broncos of times past — Super Bowl XXIV, which they lost to the 49ers, 55 to 10), but it was pretty bad, and made for a boring game.

The Empire State Building was over it:

(For what it's worth, the George Washington Bridge is still sporting orange lights.)

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Seattle took quarterback Russell Wilson out early, because they didn't need him anymore and to give backup Tarvaris Jackson some playing time while Wilson celebrated his inevitable victory on the sidelines. (Richard Sherman also left the game early, though under sadder circumstances: he injured his right ankle early in the fourth quarter. Some called it "karma" for how he trash talked his opponent two weeks ago, but, you know, he just won the Super Bowl and he has months to recover so I think he'll be just fine.)

Even the NFL's official Twitter account was making fun of the poor Broncos, well before the game was officially over:

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