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Seth Meyers brought the antics of "Florida Man" to Late Night, and may have proved himself a little along the way. Meyers' stint has the host of NBC's 12:30 hour has started off quietly, but successfully. He's keeping his predecessor Jimmy Fallon's pace in the ratings, and being generally affable, to the extent that even his interview with Kanye went off without a hitch.

The Florida sketch wasn't perfect—Meyers doesn't look totally comfortable up there—but it was a step in the right direction. Riffing on the fact that weird stuff happens in Florida isn't anything new, but it's perfectly Seth. It's savvy and wry, and not too goofy. It's vaguely Weekend Update-y, but allows him to interact with the audience. And the sketch also showed his team's dedication to the absurd. More like this, please!

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