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Something of a trend has sprung up among European film critics: making their own versions of the Nymphomaniac O-face poster. Let's hope this one doesn't cross the pond. 

If you remember correctly, a series of posters advertising Lars von Trier's sex epic featured the films' actors miming—we think/hope—their best O-faces. Over at Indiewire's Criticwire, however, Sam Adams has pointed out that film critics are making their own versions of the posters. 

It began with the Danish National Association of Film Critics, which makes sense since von Trier is Danish. They made the poster to advertise their Bodil Awards.

Then came the Polish critics

And now the Hungarians, proclaiming "movies turn us on!" Yeah: 

Who's next? The National Society of Film Critics? Can we say, with the strongest possible tone, this is not the best idea

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