The Only Thing Worse Than Sochi's Beautiful Weather is the Fog

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After days upon days of 50-60°F degree weather in subtropical Sochi, the Winter Olympics are facing their first inclement weather. And not the good kind. Instead, of snow and ice, the town is being over-run by a thick for that forced the delaying of some events.

Folks on the East Coast and in the South, don't be fooled: Sochi is still experiencing exponentially better weather than we're getting at the moment. (There's a 10 percent chance of precipitation with a high of 52° on Monday.) But some soupy fog is throwing a monkey wrench into parts of the biathlon and snowboarding competition. 

"The biathlon race, which had already been pushed back from Sunday evening, will now be held Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ... A decision on the women's mass-start race still scheduled for its original 7 p.m. start was set to be made later Monday," the AP reported, explaining that a skiing session was called off too.

Fog makes it very difficult to shoot and hit targets, which is kind of a important part of the biathlon. And missing targets could mean time laps in the biathlon "penalty loop" —  a cruel, medal-breaking feature unique to the biathlon.

An entire day of men's snowboard cross competition has also been postponed by the fog.

The biathalon-choking fog comes after days when Sochi more closely resembled Southern California than it did Siberia. Last week, there were days when Sochi's weather was as warm as Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Jackson, Mississippi, and Corpus Christi, Texas.

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