Nine Burning Questions We Want 'House of Cards' Season Two to Answer

It's been one year since House of Cards premiered on Netflix. As season two prepares to drop, we want some answers. There are spoilers here. If you keep reading, this is on you. 

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There are spoilers here. If you keep reading, this is on you.

It's been one year since House of Cards premiered on Netflix, and season two drops in its entirety on Friday (Valentine's Day!). We want some answers.

At the end of last season, we were left with a murder, a Scooby Doo-ish gang trying to piece everything together, Frank Underwood flying high, and teases that his political life is just mere moments away from having the bottom fall out. That said, we have compiled a few questions that we're hoping this second season answers.

How Much Longer Until Frank Underwood Is President?

When we left off last season, Frank Underwood was one heartbeat away from ruling the most powerful country in the world. There is no way that he and Freddy will stop now. Not when it's so close.

Which One of Zoe/ Lucas/Janine Is Going to Bite the Dust?

It has to be Janine, right? Lucas needs to serve his role as good boyfriend for a little more this season. And Zoe isn't going anywhere. I worry for Janine because she's one of the smarter, more straight-shooting characters on this show. But she is also spear-heading the dive into Congressman Underwood's dirty dealings. Maybe she won't die, but I can't shake that something bad will happen to her ... like working at the House of Cards equivalent of UpWorthy or something.

Claire Still Isn't in the Clear Yet, Right?

Frank may forgive, but he doesn't forget. Though Claire did set off a chain reaction that ultimately allowed Frank to become Vice President, he's not happy. And one of the worst things you can do, especially if you're married to him,  is give the impression that he doesn't control you.

Is Someone at Slugline Going to Answer That FaceTime Request?

One of the most irritating things about this wonderful show is that every single time we see Zoe at SlugLine, there's a FaceTime request ring going off. It's possible that it just might be her ring-tone or that she might be trying to FaceTime Frank. But we all know Frank has a BlackBerry (haha, BlackBerrys).  If there are multiple FaceTime requests going off—understandable since Slugline is a news organization—it'd be nice to see someone at Slugline talk to their monitors or, better yet, wear headphones like a civilized human.

Gillian, You in Danger Girl.

Gillian. Lock your windows and your doors. The Underwoods are going to snatch your people up.

What's Going to Happen with Joan Holloway's Ex?

One of the new cast members is Sam Page, better known as Joan's terrible ex-husband on Mad Men. The show has been really good at keeping his role a secret. It's almost too easy to think that he'll be a Peter Russo redux, right?  Maybe he'll be the Mr. Right that Christina Gallagher (Peter's saintly ex) deserves?

When Is Doug Stamper Going to Meet His Match?

Doug Stamper, Underwood's Chief of Staff, does all the dirty work for his boss ,and it seems like he's always three steps ahead of the next brightest person in the room. He's basically the more-evil, male version of Olivia Pope. The weird thing is that it often feels like Stamper is the only one running things in all of Washington. It'd be nice if he ran into an equally-smart or smarter fixer to keep things interesting.

Is TheWashington Herald Going to Be Bought Out?

House of Cards isn't just a show about power in Washington. It's kinda-sorta also about the changing journalism landscape. We will forgive the first season and that silly scene where Zoe hands in her story on a CD and try to remember the good parts like: the Katharine Graham-esque owner of the Washington Herald, the alleged sexism, and the BuzzFeed-Slugline-Politico parallel. That said, we're kinda hoping for a storyline where Heff Smezos comes out of nowhere, purchases The Washington Herald, and tries to woo Zoe back.

Is Claire's Hair the Source of Her Power?

Alternately, do she and Carol (from Walking Dead) have the same stylist?

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