'New Girl' Attempts to Ruin Adam Brody for the Rest of Us

Last night's New Girl killed the dream of Adam Brody (or at least tried to) for many viewers with fond memories of The O.C..

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Last night's New Girl killed the dream of Adam Brody. Adam Brody, you remember him? Perhaps you fell in love with the endearingly nerdy Seth Cohen on The O.C. Or maybe you were an early Adam Brody adopter, having your heartstrings pulled by the charismatically nerdy Dave Rygalski on Gilmore Girls. Last night's New Girl did not feature that Adam Brody.

That's not to say that Brody wasn't good on New Girl—in fact, it was a pretty great episode all around—he just wasn't the Adam Brody we were expecting. When it was announced that Brody would have a stint on the Fox comedy as one of Jess' exes, it made all kind of sense. We had even begun writing the crossover Seth Cohen-Jess Day fan fiction in our heads. It was a twee dream come true set to the sounds of Death Cab for Cutie.

Instead, we got alternate universe Adam Brody. His character, Berkley, was a burned-out, stringy-haired, unshaven, hippy-ish dad. Berkley drops by the loft to help Nick work out problems with his ex, Caroline, since naturally Berkley and Jess have a wonderful friendship. "Straight Leno and Eubanks," Jess says, in one of the many fantastic lines the writers doled out for her this episode. (Take for instance, Jess' description of the timeline of when she and Nick got together relative to his breakup with Caroline: "You and Nick break up, London has a great Olympics, uh oh trouble in Syria...") Except, because they are sitcom characters, of course Berkley is actually in love with Jess. He wants her to spray him with water. He's even wearing his dumb slouchy sweater for her. "You think I wear this sweater because I like it?" he asks her. "It's a handsome sweater," she responds. Berkley: "You're right, I love you."

We understand Berkley in the context of the show. The Berkley/Caroline plot led to a nice advancement of Nick and Jess's love story, with Nick admitting that he fell for Jess the moment she walked into the loft. (The B-plot—which involved Schmidt, Winston, and Coach using Schmidt's new loft for hookup—also had its charms, and proved that the show's writers are really figuring out what to do with Damon Wayans Jr.'s Coach after adding him back in the mix this season.)

Jess, despite her adorkableness, tends to prefer pure weirdos to Seth Cohen types. Case in point: the man that dumped her in the pilot, catalyzing her to move in with the dudes in the loft. But Brody seems to be going out of his way to put his past out of our minds. "If I had to predict, I'd say Seth Cohen is dead," he recently told Nylon. Well, thanks, Adam. 

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