Mike Judge Asks 'Jobs or Wozniak' in 'Silicon Valley' Trailer

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Ah, the agonies of tech people on display in the new trailer for Mike Judge's HBO comedy Silicon Valley: thinking Steve Jobs was a poser, stress over whether or not to take a lot of money, being mistaken for having Asperger's. 

This buzzy world is clearly taken at its most ridiculous in the show, which already has good word-of-mouth out of the Television Critics' Association. The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman tweeted at the time: "Combination of #Veep followed by #SiliconValley is a fantastic hour of TV. Can't wait. April 6." Think Progress' Alyssa Rosenberg wrote: "A lot of #SiliconValley, Mike Judge's new HBO, is basically the more acid parts of @nathanheller's Bay Area piece, and I like it." It only makes us slightly nervous that Lacey Donahue of THR reported from that event that "if all goes as planned, Silicon Valley will be to the San Francisco-area startup scene what Entourage was to Hollywood." 

Still, there's a lot that's interesting in this trailer, including the return of Martin Starr doing what he does best: being an angry nerd. And for Judge fans there's of course the workplace connection to Office Space


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