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After confirming that she and Amy Poehler are indeed best friends earlier this week, Michelle Obama is making dreams come true by appearing on the Parks and Recreation season finale. 

Obama will be on the season finale of Parks, which is scheduled for April 24, Philiana Ng reported. The cameo actually was filmed in tandem with the appearance Obama made with Poehler to promote the "Let's Move" initiative in Miami. Poehler, naturally, spoke at the event because she plays parks guru Leslie Knope. "It’s a real honor to be here this afternoon, and it’s especially exciting for me to learn that if you play a character with a certain career long enough, people will treat you as if you actually have that job," she said. "So this might be a shocker, but I am actually not a deputy director of parks and recreation." Later Obama confirmed: "Yes, we are best friends. I'm coming over to your house. I want you to cook me something to eat."

According to Ng, the cameo was filmed in Miami, so in all likelihood Obama won't actually be visiting Pawnee City Hall, which is in Los Angeles. But the biggest question here is how Leslie will react to the First Lady? Will she go in for some inappropriate contact like she did with Joe Biden? 

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