Michelle Obama Does Girl Talk with Jimmy Fallon

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For his first week at The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has been rehashing some of his best bits from his time on Late Night, and last night he brought Michelle Obama along for the ride for a segment of "Ew!"

The appeal of this sketch really rests on the shoulders of the guest stars, since, on her own, Fallon's character Sara can be pretty grating. In this installment, we have Will Ferrell dressed as a teenage girl making out with pictures of both Harry Styles and, well, Will Ferrell. Meanwhile, Obama played herself, and the segment moved into Sesame Street territory as she promoted Let's Move! with talk of exercise and kale chips. Still, she was game to dance with Ferrell and Fallon and utter the show's catchphrase, "ew."

Of course, Fallon broke midway through this. It was just like SNL in the old days only under a different presidential administration. 

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