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Lily Allen’s new album will be titled Sheezus. That’s Sheezus, you know, as a "little nod" to Kanye West's latest album Yeezus. Allen made the announcement last night on The Graham Norton Show before performing her new song "Air Balloon."

Okay, so the title of her third album is a play on Yeezus, which itself is a play on Jesus (stop us if we're being too obvious here). There's obviously more than a little pop-culture subversion going on here, especially when you consider the first single off of Sheezus, "It's Hard Out Here For A Bitch," which lambasted everything from David Letterman to hip hop materialism to product placement.

There's certainly plenty on Yeezus for Allen to criticize, what with the rampant misogyny and all, if her album does indeed take that route. But naming it Sheezus means, for better or worse, that it'll always be tied to Kanye's album. 

Really, we'd just like to ask Allen one question. As she sings in "Air Balloon": "Would you tell me what this all means?"

There isn't a release date for Sheezus as of now, but it's expected to drop some time in 2014. 

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