Lena Dunham To Host 'SNL,' Break Internet

You're not going out on March 8. Lena Dunham is hosting Saturday Night Live that night. 

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You're not going out March 8: Lena Dunham is hosting Saturday Night Live that night.

People are already girding themselves for an episode that will likely be picked apart by critics both of the long running comedy show and of Dunham's Girls. "Get ready for the most scrutinized and think-pieced ‘SNL’ episode in years," Jordan Zakarin of The Wrap tweeted. It's worth noting it will be hard to beat the scrutiny ladled out on the Kerry Washington episode at the end of last year.

What will perhaps be most interesting is how Dunham fares on SNL. Dunham is really good at playing some version of herself. Will we get a lot of OMG she's naked jokes and Girls parodies? Or will Dunham actually attempt to play some characters?

If you even care, the musical guest will be The National.

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