LEGOs and Kevin Hart Continue Their Box Office Streaks

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The LEGO Movie enjoyed a second consecutive weekend at the top of the box office, while once again the magic of Kevin Hart helped propel the About Last Night remake to the #2 slot, best of the weekend's new releases. The news was less sunny for Winter's Tale, which bombed out in 7th place on the weekend, a distant fourth among the week's four new releases. The brutal reviews couldn't have helped much (15% on Rotten Tomatoes), but it's striking that the similarly poorly reviewed Endless Love easily bested it despite not having the Colin Farrell/Russell Crowe star power behind it. Not the best way for Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay to kick off her feature film career.

Your top five: 

1. The Lego Movie (Warner Bros.): $48.8 million in 3,775 theaters

Great word-of-mouth meant that the Phil Lord/Chris Miller animated adventure suffered an under 30% drop in attendance, rocketing the film across the $100 million mark in only its second week of release. It's now the #1 movie of this very young year, knocking Ride Along out of the top slot, so it's kind of a win some, lose some weekend for Kevin Hart after all. 

2. About Last Night (Screen Gems): $27.0 million in 2,253 theaters

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Not to be all "toldja so" about it, but let's just say it's not a surprise that About Last Night was the top-earning new release this week. How can anyone doubt the drawing power of Kevin Hart at this point, after the huge success of Ride Along just a few weeks ago? Hart was actually not even the main character in this one, but the marketing made sure to focus on his storyline with Regina Hall (who is also on a bit of a hot streak, coming off of The Best Man Holiday last year). It's worth noting, also, that Hart, Hall, and Michael Ealy were all in Think Like a Man, the last romantic comedy to open this big.

3. Robocop (Sony): $21.5 million in 3,372 theaters

As the only new release this week that was not a romance, Robocop went ahead and opened on Wednesday and did decidedly average business. Combine that with its decidedly average critical response (49% on Rotten Tomatoes), and you have the middle-of-the-road movie of the weekend. Congratulations?

4. The Monuments Men (Sony): $15.0 million in 3,083 theaters

It's not going to grab any headlines, but this WWII movie with zero teen appeal is marching towards $50 million and retaining a decent amount of its audience (it's another film with around a 30% dropoff from last weekend). Believe it or not, it's become George Clooney's highest-earning directorial effort, meaning we'll have one less reason to ever remember The Ides of March.

5. Endless Love (Universal): $13.3 million in 2,896 theaters

Fewer people than you'd think decided to pay good money to watch a remake of a movie nobody remembers (except for the song), starring that guy with the face you hate from Magic Mike. We're only left to speculate as to why.

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