'The Lego Movie' Builds Success

Turns out the The Lego Movie is a legitimate hit and people are at least watching The Monuments Men after it was pushed back from Christmas.

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Turns out the The Lego Movie is a legitimate hit and people are at least watching The Monuments Men after it was pushed back from Christmas. The Clooney and co. flick was meant to be an Oscar movie, but got pushed back from an already-packed Christmas Day release to now. 

Your top five:

1. The Lego Movie (Warner): $69.1 million in 3,775 theaters

The very popular movie about bricks scored the second biggest February opening in history, behind only Jesus, literally. Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ made $83.8 million in February, 2004. So this kiddie movie was quite popular. But you don't make $69 million on the backs of children alone, unless you're a monstrous dictator. More than half of the audience was adults. (Note: I'm very excited to see it this week too.)

2. The Monuments Men (Sony): $22.7 million in 3,083 theaters

George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and John Goodman walk into a bar red-eyed and giggling. Who's holding? I say Clooney, actually.

3. Ride Along (Universal): $9.4 million in 2,800 theaters

Are we along for the ride, too? Are we riding along with the ride along-ers?

4. Frozen (Disney): $6.9 million in 2,460 theaters

The Disney musical is now the most successful animated movie of 2013, officially surpassing Despicable Me 2.

5. That Awkward Moment (Paramount): $5.5 million in 2,809 theaters

This movie is full of decent, likeable, talented people and yet no one can explain how or why it exists. That said, it's supposed to be kinda cute. Lots of dudes you know will watch it online in three months and not tell anyone about it.

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