Lame NBC Announcer Criticizes Luger Kate Hansen's Poppin' Warm-Up Routine

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Hansen, via Deadspin.

U.S. luger Kate Hansen has the best pre-race warm up routine of anyone at the Olympics. She's popping and locking like she's been challenged to dance off. Today her moves were frowned upon by high and mighty NBC announcer Duncan Kennedy, a former Olympic luger. "I would like to see something more sport-specific out of her," the announcer said over video of Hansen dancing to Beyoncé.

"What you see out of those top runners, the really heavy hitters, is they're working those start muscles," in the upper body he added. Her fans (i.e. anyone who saw the video), however, think she has the best warm up routine ever. There are already fan videos of her dancing to "Pony" and "Turn Down for What." And on twitter, the consensus is that the announcer needs to chill out:


Kennedy said "top runners" work the arms, the lower back and the shoulders which, looking at clips of Hansen, seems to be what she's doing. It's worth noting that Kennedy once blamed the U.S. team for sabotaging him in the Olympics because they used a special tape that was supposed to make lugers faster (Kennedy thought it slowed him down). Hansen is currently in 10th after two of four runs. Kennedy never finished better than 10th place and finished in 14th at his first Olympics, so this must be "do as I say and not as I did in 1988" advice.

And that's great, since she probably won't be winning any Olympic medals. That honor may go to her teammate Erin Hamlin, who might become the first American to medal in a luge singles event ever

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