Justin Bieber Is Ever Closer to Being Charged With a Felony

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He allegedly drove while intoxicated and assaulted a limo driver, but it's his possible unneighborly egg-toss that could get Justin Bieber his first felony charge.

According to the AP, the Los Angeles county sheriff's department has "presented evidence" to the district attorney for a "possibly felony vandalism case." Bieber's other legal troubles thus far were misdemeanors. 

Bieber is accused of egging his neighbor's house on January 9. That seems fairly harmless, but the attack apparently resulted in $20,000 of damage, so, felony. Police searched Bieber's home for evidence relating to the case last month and ended up arresting his friend Xavier "Little Za" Smith for possession of cocaine.

It's now up to prosecutors to decide if Bieber should be charged, and with a misdemeanor or a felony. CNN reports that police recommended the felony. Uh oh!

A spokesman for the district attorney said the decision will not be made this week, so Bieber remains felony-charge-free ... for now.


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