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When you have the new mayor of New York City on your show, it’s imperative to ask the most important questions and to tackle only the most salient issues. So when Jon Stewart interviewed Bill de Blasio last night, he didn’t shy away from the one thing from the mayor’s brief tenure thus far that has truly enraged the public: the way de Blasio eats pizza.  

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When the images of de Blasio eating pizza with a – blasphemy! – fork and knife first came out, Stewart really ripped into the newly minted mayor. “He cut his pizza with a fork and knife? Motherfucker,” Stewart said. “When you’re in Staten Island, you eat your pizza like a disgusting savage just like every other fucking person in this city.”

So last night, Stewart got the chance to rectify the “egregious” issue face-to-face with de Blasio. Granted, de Blasio’s pizza technique might not be as bad as his predecessor’s (“Bloomberg, as you know, had his food chewed and put back into his mouth like a baby bird,” Stewart said), but the Daily Show host still felt the need to teach de Blasio the proper New York method.

“Let me show you something,” Stewart said after pulling out a pie from John’s Pizzeria. When de Blasio, always “prepared,” pulled a fork and knife from his pocket, Stewart demonstrated the proper way to eat a slice: with your hands, like a real savage.

But fear not, de Blasio eventually took a bite of his pizza using his hands, quelling the fears of his loyal constituency, and he and Stewart were able to move on to lesser issues like stop-and-frisk, pre-kindergarten education, and tax policy.

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