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NBCSN's figure skating announcers Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir were already the fashion king and queen of this Olympics, but with today's men's short program, they have also been proving themselves great commenters and expert shade-throwers. 

Somehow it was written in the stars that the pint-sized 1998 gold medalist and the 2006 and 2010 Olympian probably best known for his over the top costumes would be a perfect pair. That much is evident in their multiple Instagram accounts—including the account they run together—where they've been busy posting silly photos and, especially in Weir's case, documenting every item in their outfits.

While it was clear that Weir's outfits were going to be typically wonderful—he has said he has been inspired by Stanley Tucci's Hunger Games character—what perhaps is the most charming is how Weir and Lipinski have started to coordinate. See, for instance, today's look: in which they both rocked black and white jacket-shirt combinations with bib necklaces. 

Even better though, is how they documented their process of choosing outfits on Instagram: 


And while the fashions and social media mastery and secret-spilling Today show interviews are great, that shouldn't detract from the fact that they are also shining when it comes to doing their actual jobs, more and more as these games go along. Their three-person booth, along with Terry Gannon, has become a reliable source for enthusiasm, information, and a fantastic amount of verbal side-eye, so long as you're looking out for it. Let's review some of their one-liners today:

  • "Anyone feeling Hunger Games here?" — Tara, in reference to a Uzbekistani skater Misha GE's costume
  • "It's a lot" — Tara, on the liberal use of suspender-based choreography in Kazakhstan's Abzal Rakimgaliev's program. 
  • "They love that gypsy life" — Johnny, by way of Lady Gaga, on a coach who moves his skaters around.
  • "Oh, and you might see some personality" — Tara, on American skater Jason Brown.
  • "He almost reminds me of what a very elegant hockey, player would look like, should we put them in a costume" — Johnny, on Czech skater Tomas Verner
  • "There have been some mistakes in this program, but nothing like some Les Mis to bring the emotion back. I do like this music." — Tara, on Spanish skater Javier Raya
  • "I mean, one of the things I can say about his skating is he's a charmer on and off the ice. And that's always been his secret weapon...but today I felt some of the sparkle was missing" — Tara, on Spanish skater Javier Fernandez 

But it's also undeniable that they know what they are talking about, doling out knowledge about the technicalities of the sport and info about the competitors. For this, and of course their outfits, they have made the NBC Sports coverage of skating the thing to watch. Move them to primetime, please. 

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