Joel McHale Will Host This Year's White House Correspondents Dinner

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Community’s Joel McHale has been selected to host this year’s White House Press Correspondents' Association Dinner on May 3. In the announcement, the WHCA described McHale as “sharp, funny, and just the type of comic who can navigate the unique challenge of our dinner” – though we’re pretty sure that’s how they describe the host every year.

It’s a good bet to expect The Soup version of McHale rather than Jeff Winger, because McHale’s pop-culture riffing on E! will probably work better at the dinner than one of Community's meta-monologues on the nature of television sitcoms. But who knows, maybe they’re going for something different this year.

McHale already took to Twitter to try out some jabs at Washington, and while we can’t say he’ll be a bad host – in fact, he’ll likely do a perfectly fine job – perhaps the WHCA had some better options.

Who do we wish could host the dinner? Let’s see:

Amy Poehler & Tina Fey

Duh. Let's see: They killed it for the second year in a row hosting the Golden Globe Awards. They both have experience with political humor from their time on Saturday Night Live, and it’d be nice to have a woman or two host the dinner, seeing as only one woman, Wanda Sykes, has hosted since 2000 (Jay Leno has hosted three times in that span). Really, Amy and Tina could just host as Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, respectively, and we’d love it.

Key & Peele

How about a different duo? You'd be hard pressed to find anyone better suited to shoot zingers at President Obama – just check out their sketch of Obama's "Anger Translator". 

Ira Glass

Who said the host has to be a comedian? Considering what he did with today's Google doodle, we'd love to hear Glass take a shot at the White House press. This year marks the centennial anniversary of the Correspondents dinner: let's cut the jokes and make the whole thing an episode of "This American Life." 

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