Full-Length 'Godzilla' Trailer Has Bryan Cranston Shouting for Answers

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The new full-length trailer for the reboot of Godzilla dropped today, and aside from making the movie still look pretty awesome, maybe the biggest thing this trailer did was not screw up. 

It's hard to pull off a trailer for a film when the thing people care most about is what the main character—or in this case creature—looks like. With a trailer like this, there's a delicate balance between giving too much away, so all of the mystery is gone, and by not giving away enough, leaving people disinterested or confused. It's all about piquing interest. This latest Godzilla trailer managed to find the sweet spot:

Sure, there's more emphasis on the big title guy in this one than in December's teaser, which was more of a rundown of the film's stellar cast, but we still don't get to see much of the havoc-wreaking lizard. It's mostly a voiceover of Bryan Cranston shouting about a (presumably government) cover-up while clips of Godzilla's devastation flash from one to another. We also get a very brief explanation of Godzilla's history, which offers an interesting tidbit: the pacific nuclear tests in the 1950s were the government trying to kill Godzilla. So when Aaron Johnson asks, "Can you kill it?" the answer is probably no. 

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There's also the guessing game of which monster Godzilla is going to do battle with – because yes, there will be another giant monster. Some internet sleuths have good money on Rodan after watching this trailer.

And of course, we get Godzilla's legendary roar at the very end.

The trailer is just enough to whet our appetites. We didn't really expect to be saying this (not after the last Godzilla movie), but we're kind of excited to see Godzilla


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