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A be-sunglassed Bob Costas went on the Today show this morning to talk about Olympic sporting events, but we could only see it as a time to reflect on his ocular struggles these past two weeks. Please read this post while listening to this tune. Thank you. 

Matt Lauer cruelly took the opportunity to taunt Costas. "While the past two weeks have been filled with high drama and emotion, but enough about Bob Costas," Lauer began. He then asked: "Can we shake hands safely now?" (Are we sure this wasn't some grand Lauer plot so he could host primetime?) 

"I hope that when you look back at Sochi ten years from now, you don't only think about what happened to you in terms of your eyes," Lauer said. Costas sadly responded that he simply felt like he "wasn't holding my end up." Poor, Bob. Lauer ended the interview by asking him if he was "taking the red eye home." Low blow, Lauer. Low blow. 

The Olympics are always filled with stories of triumph. Take, for instance, Meryl Davis and Charlie White's ice dancing victory. Still, Davis and White were overshadowed by another pair at these games: Bob's eyes. We only wish them the best. 

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