The Dutch Have Won 16 of Their 17 Medals in Speedskating

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It's time to add speedskating to the Dutch national pedigree along with canals, windmills, Rembrandt, tulips, and bicycles. Earlier today, the Dutch women smoked the entire world in the 1500-meter speedskating competition. 

How dominant were they? Led by Jorien ter Mors (who set an Olympic record), the Dutch women won first place, second place, third place, and fourth place. The only other skater to finish within three seconds of ter Mors was Russia's Yuliya Skokova, who came in fifth place, some 2.94 seconds behind. 

Here's how lopsided the medal count for speedskating looks:


To boot, the Netherlands now leads the Sochi medal count (as of now) with 17 medals. Here's a telling breakdown of their Sochi successes:

The Dutch speedskaters have now broken "the previous record haul of 13 set by East Germany at the 1988 Calgary Olympics."

Amazingly enough, there are still four speedskating events left. Naturally, the Netherlands is favored to win at least three of them.

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