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Former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman's recent trips to human rights black hole North Korea will become the basis for a motion picture, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 20th Century Fox has bought a pitch for a comedy called Diplomats, which already has Tim Story, who recently directed Ride Along, attached to produce.

The pitch for the movie described it as inspired by the trips, as opposed to rooted in factual accuracy. It is supposedly a "two-hander"—a story with two main characters. One of those main characters will be Rodman (or, more likely, a Rodman stand-in) and the other will presumably be Kim Jong-un. Ride Along, Story's newest film, is also a buddy comedy, although neither of the characters in that film are a tyrant developing nuclear weapons.

Who knows what zany antics these two will get up to? Maybe they'll get handcuffed together or something, right before Rodman's boss comes over for dinner! Maybe Kim will get Rodman and his entire crew wasted. Imagine that I Love Lucy conveyor belt seen but instead of Lucy and Ethel dealing with too many chocolates, it's Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un trying to deal with tons and tons of awful human rights abuses. Will Story be able to find the comedy within a despot who has executed, disappeared, and starved thousands of people?

Meanwhile, for any other studios looking for another Rodman angle to adapt to film, The Wire's own Operation Roddy Piper is still on the table.

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