British Penguins Are Depressed About the Weather, So We Gave Them Anti-Depressants

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You're not the only one that sick of the terrible weather that seemingly everyone has been having the last few weeks. The Humboldt penguins at the Sea Life Center in the U.K. were driven to the brink of depression by the bad weather and needed a pick-me-up to get back on track. Humboldt penguins are from South America's coastal regions (Chile and Peru), and though they're used to inhospitable conditions, they need sunlight. 

"After the first week out birds were just a bit subdued, but after over a month now, they are thoroughly fed-up and miserable, much like the rest of us," a penguin caregiver told The Guardian, explaining that they have given the penguins uppers. "They're doing the trick so far, but we are all praying for the weather to change and at least a few successive days of sunshine to give the penguins the tonic they really need," she added. 

Driving adorable penguins to depression must represent some kind of weather low — not unlike zoos bringing their polar bears indoors because of the cold or lions being fed blood popsicles because of the heat. There's just something very sad about  cute little penguins being so mopey and deeply in need of avian Prozac. Even sadder for these poor guys is that the weather forecast in Scarborough calls for another week of rain and grey:


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