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Praised be the Olympian gods: we finally have some good news to share about the eyes of our fallen Olympic guide—our Hermes of sorts—Bob Costas. He may be coming back soon. 

He explained his ailment to lord of all media Ryan Seacrest this morning on the radio, that he's may be back by the weekend. "I’m hoping that I’m back by the weekend, and I certainly think I’ll be able to do the second half of the games," he said per The Hollywood Reporter. "The virus, they tell me, won't run its course for two or three weeks, but the symptoms will crest at their worst and start to get better pretty soon."  

Costas also explained how his condition went from worrisome to terrifying. "I didn’t care, because I could still function," he said of his reddened eyes. "I could still read the notes, I had to read on the athletes and find my way around the studio. But then in the last 36 hours, it got to the point my vision became so blurry and sensitive to light, I can’t even be in regular room light, let alone studio light. I couldn't be of any use to them." Poor, Bob! Now, though, he feels "fine." Well, he said, "if you could remove my eye from the equation, which I admit is a rather large factor, I feel fine." 

We eagerly await his return. Matt Lauer twice in one day is too much Matt Lauer. 

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