An Annotated Guide to the Oscar Presenters

The Academy released its full list of presenters for the Academy Awards on Sunday. Which ones fit the "Heroes" theme? Which ones will appear despite harsh snubs? We've got a guide.

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The Academy released its full list of presenters for the Academy Awards on Sunday. We've decided to annotate it.

Keep in mind that the theme of this year's ceremony is "heroes", and producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan recently gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican spilling some—but not many—secrets of the show, and hints as to why certain stars will be on the stage.

From this list we can also try to narrow down who will be presenting Best Picture, an honor that usually goes to a star of a certain caliber. Our best guesses from this list? Sidney Poitier, Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, Sally Field, or Kim Novak.

Read the full list—with notes!—below.

Amy Adams - Star of American Hustle.
Kristen Bell - Handed out the Sci-Tech awards with Michael B. Jordan.
Jessica Biel - Ghost of Sci-Tech Awards Past.
Jim Carrey - Token comedian most likely to present Best Animated Short and/or Feature.
Glenn Close - Played Albert Nobbs.
Bradley Cooper - Also an American Hustle star.
Penélope Cruz - Two-time Best Foreign Language Film presenter.
Benedict Cumberbatch - In basically every movie this year.
Viola Davis - Could have been nominated if she'd been cast in any of about a dozen roles this year.
Daniel Day-Lewis - Last year's Best Actor winner.
Robert De Niro - Legend; American Hustle star.
Zac Efron - Snubbed for Parkland.
Harrison Ford - The Oscar theme this year is heroes. Harrison Ford played both Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Make some logical assumptions here.
Sally Field - Norma Rae, Hero.
Andrew Garfield - Current Spider-Man. According to Oscar producer Neil Meron, Garfield "is going to be part of what we hope is a very moving moment in the show, which will illustrate the theme of how movies have inspired," and will "induct a new superhero into the fraternity of superheroes."
Jamie Foxx - Oscar winner who is playing a villain in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. 
Jennifer Garner - Elektra (jk, jk, nobody is celebrating the heroic legacy of Elektra).
Whoopi Goldberg - Frequent Oscar host. Current The View host. Oscar winner. Daytime Emmy winner (still counts! A girl's gotta eat!). 
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Onscreen porn addict.
Anne Hathaway - Last year's Best Supporting Actress winner.
Jennifer Lawrence - Last year's Best Actress winner. This year's Anne Hathaway.
Anna Kendrick - Next year's Anne Hathaway.
Goldie Hawn - Daughter Kate Hudson is also a presenter.
Chris Hemsworth - Thor, Hero.
Kate Hudson - Penny Lane, Hero.
Samuel L. Jackson - Nick Fury, Adjacent to Heroes.
Angelina Jolie - Next year's winner for Best Director.
Michael B. Jordan - Co-presented the Sci-Tech awards with Kristen Bell.
Matthew McConaughey - Leader of the McConaissance.
Ewan McGregor - Aspiring leader of the McGregorssance.
Bill Murray - Meron mentioned the Ghostbusters as some of the heroes they are celebrating, because why not?
Kim Novak - The Hitchock heroine will be a presenter and also play into the heroes theme.
Tyler Perry - Snubbed for Confessions of a Marriage Counselor in all categories.
Brad Pitt - 12 Years a Slave producer. Also: Brad Pitt. 
Sidney Poitier - The first black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor. If Steve McQueen wins for 12 Years a Slave he could become the first black director to win.
Gabourey Sidibe - Not the Supreme.
Will Smith - Is in Winter's Tale, no matter how much he tries to deny it.
Kevin Spacey - Please tell us Frank Underwood isn't going to show up.
Jason Sudeikis - Probably won't present Best Picture.
Channing Tatum - Danced with Charlize Theron at last year's ceremony.
Charlize Theron - Danced with Channing Tatum at last year's ceremony.
John Travolta - A year too late to reprise Edna Turnblad for the tribute to musicals.
Christoph Waltz - Last year's Best Supporting Actor winner.
Kerry Washington - Olivia Pope, Superhero (right?).
Emma Watson - Harry Potter was mentioned as having a role in the Heroes theme, and Emma has Noah to promote. 
Naomi Watts - Snubbed for Diana. And Adore. And Movie 43.

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