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The United States is looking to become only the fourth country to win a medal per day in the history of the Winter Olympics. That's not to say they also aren't aiming to win the Sochi medal count, but even with their best-ever showing in Vancouver in 2010, the Americans have never pulled off the feat of winning one event in each day of the Winter Games. The only countries who have managed the feat are Germany, Soviet Union, and East Germany.

Today, the American squad added to their tally. In the men's Super-G Alpine skiing, Andrew Weibrecht took the silver, but the real story was Bode Miller's third-place finish, which made him the oldest Alpine skiier to ever medal in the Olympics. After a disappointing Olympics and a career with its share of controversies, Miller ends his Sochi run on a high note.

Meanwhile, the Swedes defended their gold medal in the 4x10-kilometer cross-country men's relay, Eve Samkova of Czech Republic—who paints a mustache on her lip for good luck—won the women's snowboard cross, and, as we mentioned earlier, the Dutch women completely annihilated the rest of the world in the 1500-meter speedskate.

Here is what the medal count looks like now:

Credit: NBC


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