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The video for Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" premiered today and, whether you believe that the world's pop stars have all sold their souls to the devil or not, there are a lot of Illuminati references here. "Dark Horse" is set in Egypt, which already lends itself to a lot of occult imagery, but even putting that aside there's a lot for conspiracy theorists to go off of. The song itself isn't all that subtle — the "Like a bird without a cage" line refers to birdcage imagery, which is a symbol for mind control. And when Juicy J says "She's a beast/I call her karma," the Beast is the Devil. 

In December, many Illuminati watchers were appalled by Perry's performance of "Dark Horse" at the Grammys. Alex Jones' InfoWars said "it was essentially an Illuminati-themed occult ritual." Now the video is out, and it leaves nothing to the imagination. Perry is either an active Illuminator or this is her ham fisted audition video. 

The All Seeing Eye

This is the most obvious symbol of the Illuminati, and it's everywhere. It's in Katy's hair:

She's also making a 666 with her fingers.

Her weird fan-thing:

Katy. Really.

Pyramids and Obelisks

Pyramids are almost as clearly Illuminati as the "eye," and they're represented in Perry's video by a towering obelisk and a pyramid made of Twinkies.

Twinkie pyramid.

And here's Illuminatrix on obelisks:

The Illuminati have placed monuments in prime locations around the world. The Washington monument marks their military arm, the Cleopatra’s Needles in New York, and [...] in London mark their financial centers and the Vaticano in Saint Peter’s Square marks their spiritual dominance.


Birds, Bird Cages, Mind Control

As we explained earlier, bird cages are a sign of mind control. In the video, cages are placed atop the heads of Perry's buff, blue slave men (which is problematic in more than one way). Those hats mean they're under her spell.

Also, Katy is a bird without a cage. 


In the real, modern world, famous people sell their souls to the devil for the magic to make millions of dollars selling generic pop music. (How do you think Beyonce had a hit album without advertising it?) 

In the video, she has the magic to turn men into man dogs. 

Demonic Animals

Horned beast things symbolize the devil. Juicy J's tricked out chariot has a horned animal figurine. According to Illuminati Watcher, "you see this horned god symbolism all over the music industry, and it represents the sacrificing of the youth to these deities that the Illuminati worship."

And snakes are probably an Illuminati symbol too. You know, Garden of Eden, apples, etc.

Open your eyes! Decide for yourself! Here's the full video:



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