Yes, Indeed, 'Frozen' Is Headed to the Stage

We knew Disney's major movie hit Frozen was destined for the stage, and now there's confirmation. While we hum the chorus of "Let It Go," we've also come up with some casting suggestions.

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We knew Disney's major movie hit Frozen was destined for the stage, and now there's confirmation. Cue choruses of "Let It Go."

In an interview with Fortune via Time Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed (!) that Disney is in the process of discussing (!) a stage show (!), but that there is no timeline as to when it might hit the Great White Way. "We're not demanding speed," he said. "We're demanding excellence."

Okay! First step on the road to excellence: let's get casting. Here's the deal: the Frozen voice cast was already filled with incredible stage actors: legend Idina Menzel played Elsa; The Book of Mormon's Josh Gad was snowman Olaf; Spring Awakening's Jonathan Groff was Kristoff; and Santino Fontana, who played Cinderella's prince on Broadway, was Prince Hans. Even Kristen Bell, probably the biggest name of the bunch outside of Broadway, studied musical theater at Tisch. But what if they aren't all available? (Or too busy with their TV/movie careers. Groff's Looking debuts on HBO this Sunday, and Bell has the Veronica Mars movie poised to redefine filmaking as we've known it later this year.) We've thought about who could fill their shoes.

Aaron Tveit for Kristoff. Tveit, who has starred in the likes of Next to Normal and Catch Me If You Can on Broadway, is adorable, and sweet-seeming. Cast him and promise to write more songs for Kristoff in the show.

Jeremy Jordan for Prince Hans. He looks like the kind of guy who might make you believe you're in love with him and then screw you over. Ask anyone who watched Smash.

Sutton Foster for Anna. Basically, I just want Sutton Foster to be in everything, and a "First Time in Forever" belt-off with Idina would be a dream come true. It also should be noted that Sutton could totally step in for Idina as Elsa—it wouldn't be the first time. Just put Sutton Foster in something soon. It'll help with these Bunheads withdrawal pangs.

Love for Sutton aside, we're also pretty sure Annaleigh Ashford—who actually contributed chorus vocals to the Frozen soundtrack—would make a damn good Anna, too. She's got that manic energy that is appropriate for the ignored princess. She's one of our favorite new faces of 2013 for a reason. Fontana's Cinderella co-star Laura Osnes wouldn't be too bad as Anna either, though she'd be a strikingly different princess—more sweet and demure—than Ashford. 

Krysta Rodriguez for Elsa. The sad fact is that for a Broadway production, the likes of Idina Menzel and Sutton Foster might be too old (both are around 40) to play these princesses. So! To pair with Ashford's hypothetical Anna, how about Rodriguez—whose recent credits include TV's Smash and Broadway's First Date—for Elsa? Just listen to her belting in In the Heights and tell us she won't make a powerful ice queen.

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