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Two films with the word "song" in their titles. Both debuting at recent film festivals. Both featuring popular young actresses. Both focusing on the indie music scene. Which one is right for you? Take our test.  

Pick a Festival 

a) Sundance

b) Toronto

Pick an Ingenue 

a) Anne Hathaway 

b) Keira Knightley 

Pick a Plot

a) A PhD student in anthropology must come home to New York after her aspiring-musician brother is in an accident that results in his coma. She investigates the music scene her brother was a part of and begins to strike up a relationship with his idol. 

b) A down on her luck singer songwriter and a "disgraced" indie record-label executive cross paths and collaborate. 

Pick a Musician

a) Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) and Jonathan Rice 

b) Gregg Alexander of (New Radicals) 

Pick a Directorial Pedigree 

a) Daughter of Sony Pictures Classics head Michael Barker in her first feature

b) Director of Once 

Pick a Heartthrob Musician who Acts

a) British folkie Johnny Flynn

b) Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine 

Pick a Good Review

a) The "low-key musical romance ought to send young emo crowds swooning en masse." (via

b) "The film’s quiet pleasures creep up on you." (via

Pick a Not-So-Good Review

a) "Will be a big crowd pleaser but those with an attuned ear for the hokey and contrived will hear phony notes."  (via

b) "Could just one number, performed weedily by Keira Knightley at the beginning of this romcom, cause your body to self-combust at the prospect of enduring 90-odd minutes of a movie obsessed with authenticity but as phoney as a Miley Cyrus dance routine?" (via

Pick a Musical Description

a) "while pleasant and occasionally poetic, they tend to have a melancholy sameness about them that makes for non-dynamic accompaniment" (via)

b) "consciously retro sentimental pop" (via

If you chose mostly "A"s the right movie for you is Kate Barker-Froyland's Song One, which premiered yesterday at Sundance. Though response to the film was decidedly mixed, it certainly made an impression, marking Anne Hathaway's big return to the movies post-Oscar win. The movie—in which Hathaway sings, but not to a Les Miz degree—is also produced by Hathaway and her husband. The screening, according to Stuart Oldham at Variety, drew "thunderous applause." Still, no one has bought up the film quite yet. 

If you chose mostly Bs you should go with John Carney's Can a Song Save Your Life? , which got its start at Toronto last fall. The movie inspired a bidding war, which was eventually won by The Weinstein Company, which paid up $7 million. 

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