What You Missed When You Weren't Watching The Critics' Choice Awards

We don't blame you if you didn't watch the Critics' Choice Awards last night, but here are some key moments you might have missed. 

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We don't blame you if you didn't watch the Critics' Choice Movie Awards last night, but here are some key moments you might have missed.

The Critics' Choice Awards, chosen by the Broadcast Film Critics Association, have for the past two years had the strange tradition of being held on the day of the Oscar nominations. That means people who either got really good news or really bad news very early that morning get glammed up that night for some karmic revenge on the Academy or some affirmation of their awards' season glory. This year, the awards were hosted by Aisha Tyler, who managed to make a bunch of people in the room (or maybe just us) uncomfortable with her quips. A joke that managed to combine 12 Years a Slave and oral sex yielded a reaction shot that seemed to imply that Oprah Winfrey was not having it.

So, what did you miss?  

It was a big night for 12 Years a Slave
The Critics' Choice Awards' voting block has zero overlap with the Oscars, however, as Scott Feinberg wrote at The Hollywood Reporter, the awards "have one of the stronger track records when it comes to 'predicting' the Oscar." That has something to do with exposure. The day of the Oscar nominations, a bunch of nominees get up on a stage and accept prizes. It makes it pretty clear what a winner looks like. So, it can't hurt 12 Years a Slave's Oscar chances that the film took home the Best Picture prize and Lupita Nyong'o beat out Jennifer Lawrence, who didn't even show up. Nyong'o got a standing ovation from the likes of Emma Thompson and Oprah Winfrey and gave a touching and heartfelt speech. Anyone watching should want to give this woman the Oscar. (Please!)

Matthew McConaughey did "alright alright alright" again...
Okay, maybe it was charming at the Golden Globes when McConaughey pulled out his Dazed and Confused catchphrase at the podium. But after reciting it to reporters the morning of the Oscar nominations, and then proceeding to do it again yesterday evening when accepting his Critics' Choice, we're ready to officially declare a moratorium on "alrights." This is becoming the equivalent Jamie Foxx hauling out his Ray Charles impersonation every time he won an award in 2005. Endearing once, annoying every single time after that.

Other people who did the "alrights" last night? Jessica Chastain, announcing McConaughey's win, and Jared Leto, accepting his supporting trophy for the same film. For what it's worth, after facing criticism of his Globes speech, Leto dedicated his prize last night to HIV/AIDS victims.

Delpy, Hawke, and Linklater are the cool kids you want at your party
They won the Louis XIII genius awards, whatever that is, for their Before trilogy, and they were awesome, as is to be expected.

The snubbed showed up 
There was no moment last night akin to when Ben Affleck accepted his award (with a hint of bitterness) last year, just hours after being ignored in the directing category by the Academy, but a number of not-so-sore losers did show up. Thompson and Winfrey, who did not get nominations for Saving Mr. Banks or Lee Daniels' The Butler, were on hand. Tom Hanks was also there, eating froyo with host Tyler.

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